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Cold weather

I do not like the cold. Not here not there not anywhere. The only good thing that I can get out of the cold is that I can wear my Christmas sweaters comfortably. Unfortunately where I live if it is cold it is humid and the cold just sits in your shoes, settles on your shoulders and is generally nasty. It is gray, damp and dreary. It is so bad I have to work to dig up the effort to even stay awake.

I am waiting for the warm weather.

kim - January 20, 2014 - 8:01 am

Hello came accross your website ..I am a Dane owner as well wanted to know if you had a litter coming up by any chance


It is funny how our children’s birthdays stir such feeling and emotions. Tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday. Pretty much all my friends know that Dev was determined to get here in a most memorable fashion – by making record time…We arrived at the hospital at 0602 and Dev was on the ground at 0642. Oh, yeah and I was the banshee down the hall throwing the fit! Dad missed the show by stopping for donuts. He was so sad too, as he had missed Cheyne’s birth since we were out of state.

Thinking about the birth of my boys and then seeing the reality of them today as grown men of twenty five years and twenty four years is mind blowing. They are truly grand men! They are tall,broad shouldered, handsome, dark eyed, smiling, laughing, kind, sweet, funny and truly fantastic in ways that people that are your own children can only be. I am always amazed at their size. They are so big! The nicest thing is that they are truly a joy to be around. I look at them and I am truly so very blessed. These boys of mine have my heart at tied up in knots. I am brimming full of pride watching them make their way into the world. It is so hard stepping back and allowing them their own choices and keeping my opinions to myself, but I am glad that I do. I am liking the choices that they are making. I am liking the men they are still becoming. I am ever so proud, surprised, amazed that these two absolutely amazing beings have blessed me with being their mom. Of all the titles they I may rack up in a lifetime none mean as much to me as the one of being my sons’ mother.

Happy birthday, Baby Boy! I love you forever.


Cancer Sucks. Really Sucks. We have had several experiences with cancer. None were good. None made me happy.  This past year we had two encounters. Pepper ,our tri Corgi had breast cancer, her second time. She made it through surgery and is still with us today.My Pepper is always near my side and I am thankful. Gracie, one of our Danes, was not so lucky. I noticed that Gracie’s pastern was a tad swollen and took her to the vet. I knew seeing the swelling that it was osteosarcoma – the swelling on the pastern is often the first sign you see of the cancer, by the time you see it  – it is too late. We xrayed, biopsied and prayed. Prayed that it wasn’t so, prayed it was something, anything else but it was what it was. I decided to take Gracie with us to Kansas to the GDCA Nationals with her daughters and Bree. Carol ,Nina and I had the most wonderful trip. Everyone that met Grace commented on how pretty she was, how kind she was – it was seen by all that met her. It was only marred by the fact that I knew that every day was a blessing and my time with Grace was to be brief.

I can’t say that I was there when Gracie was born, John and the boys delivered her litter and updated me all day at work. Grace was special from the first day, she was always a good ,kind puppy, never a problem,only wanted to be with her people. Gracie was the same throughout her life. She showed because we asked it of her, never because she loved it. She protected Viva and her car because she loved Viva. She totally won over Carol to the breed by sitting on her lap and staring soulfully in her eyes until Carol fell in love with her.

Grace was a great mommy, giving us Vin,Gianni,Ida, Sherman, Honey,Lulu, Reece, Wyatt, Sookie, Riddick, Sugar,Hope,Chaos,Gus, Angus, and two more whose names escape me – leaving an indelible paw print behind  forever, thankfully.

I had more time than most, less than some. Gracie’s days were good, with soft cushie dog beds all over for her, kisses and hugs. I worried that she knew I cried daily, I tried to simply enjoy being with her but it was so hard to look at my beautiful girl and know my time was so short and I was so powerless. Gracie was graceful to the end. She let me know when it was time and I honored her as best I could.Doc Sherry and her staff were supportive and kind and though I already love them, I love them more for helping me so kindly that awful day.

I miss my Gracie daily. I love her daughter and son that I have with me. I love them and give them her and their kisses daily. I am so blessed to have had my Grace. She gave me so much, her blessings are with me daily and I am thankful.

I miss you my Grace, I always will, you took a giant chunk of my heart with you. I know you are with your mommy,grandmommy and grandpa and that all is well where you are  – there is no pain, no limits, there is sunny days, cool breezes ,shady places to lay and we’ll all be together again, where ever dogs go to heaven that is where I want to be. One day.

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Jan Conner - May 21, 2015 - 2:34 pm

Awe you had me crying. I lost my yorkie 3 years ago and my Maltipoo recently had cancer on her spleen and bladder. I know she won’t be around to much longer so I’m enjoying the time I have left with her.

Jane White - August 21, 2015 - 1:28 pm

The love of my life and companion “Kayleigh Crea”‘s cancer has recently returned. My sweet wheaten has been with me for 12 years. I am a widow and we only have each other. She is beginning to deteriorate with arthritis.
I cried with her until I couldn’t cry anymore. I lost my husband the same way, day by day cancer just took him away. How will I know when to say good bye to me best friend?

Sunny, Shakira’s Here Comes the Sun

Sunny, is my 4mon old ,fawn puppy boy. He is out of Jezebel, my black girl and Vinnie, my fawn male. Sunny is a lovely puppy, sweet kind and ever so handsome. He is everything I want in my next generation, but sometimes as much as I want to keep a puppy, things happen and it is simply not best for my family or for my pup. Of course, I had my fingers crossed for a girl puppy to keep and Jez, sweet mama, that she is had only two boys. We lost our girl,Kayla, Jez’s daughter that we had kept, in the tragedy last fall and so this was Jez’s last litter in hopes of us getting another female like our sweet Kayla. My hopes and plans are simply not part of the bigger picture though at this time. :-). So we have been looking for that perfect home for our Sunny-boy, hopefully one near us so we can see him grow, & one that will show or allow me to show him. As a breeder I feel that Sunny is certainly a positive move in the improvement of my breeding program, also he is the end of a pedigree of which there is very little left – other than his two brothers.

Sunny is available on co-ownership only. Please contact me if you would like to chat with me about Sunny or any of my other dogs..

Jez X Vin puppy


Spent the day making hot chocolate, cookies and lentil soup with my second grandson. We had a lovely day, he ran in and out decorating cookies, watching YouTube on the IPad, playing on one of the old computers. He ran about playing while Grandpa John worked in the yard, swung on the swings, chased the dogs, dug a little with grandpa, ate all day and then he settled down for a few minutes after a big bowl of soup and chocolate milk and fell asleep – hard! Some things change but many never do – little boys toys may change but very little else changes.

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